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Стратегическое общественное движение

General Intelligence Operating System GI-OS

09:54 / 18.06.2012

Logan Streondj

Зарегистрирован(а) : 17 июня 2012
Сообщений: 2

I'm originally from Ukraine, though I speak Russian fluently, I moved to Canada when I was 5 so never learned to write in Russian.

Anyways I noticed you didn't have a way of contacting you on the English half, but that you have a forum on the Russian half so am communicating here.

Would like to mention that am working on a General Intelligence Operating System Gi-OS,
which is designed for use with robots, androids and intelligent computers.

Currently am writing the Human Speakable Programming Language HSPL, that shall be used as the base of the operating system.
In a few years shall have support for Russian among other popular languages,
making computer programming accessible to the masses of the world.

In particular making developers available for programming GI-OS,
eventually GI-OS with HSPL shall be able to compile any written or spoken human expression.

Anyways just thought I should mention this, so that we don't duplicate our efforts, and instead share our accomplishments for mutual benefit.  GI-OS and HSPL are open-source, and so are available for modification.
The current website of GI-OS is http://gi-os.org

It's great to see what you're doing here, and how you're thinking ahead to the singularity and hopefully beyond.
Would like to share with you the  roadmap of GI-OS which may resonate with your own ideas,
though it does go much farther than 2045, including colonization of under-developed ecological niche's like the polar latitudes, seasteading and outer space.


Yuri Yerofeyev

Зарегистрирован(а) : 7 мая 2011
Сообщений: 182

Hi! What city are you from? I'm in Canada too.

Interesting work, keep it going! We're developing the English version of the website so it's easier for you to interact with the English speaking members of the Movement.


Logan Streondj

Зарегистрирован(а) : 17 июня 2012
Сообщений: 2

I'm in Toronto, how about yourself? I'm Logan Streondj on facebook can add me if you like.


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